Building a brand

Krepstakies Custom Homes


This company thrived for over 30 years by word-of-mouth only. When they approached us their website was not on par with the quality and service they are known for, and their customers noticed. We helped convey their unique story consistently and accurately to a larger audience in a way their loyal customers are now proud to pass along.  

Before working with Talia Creative, Krepstakies Construction built a loyal customer base with decades of superb customer service and committed excellence to their craftsmanship. They originally wanted a new web design - at the request of their customers.  Customers loved their work so much they wanted to pass the website on to friends or potential client as evidence of the Krepstakies trademark of excellence, but felt they could not because it was outdated and did not match the quality they had come to expect from the company. They felt strongly enough about it that they actually told Krepstakies to get a new site!

What started as a website project, became a strategy of story and a style to create a cohesive brand. This has positioned them among their high-end audience, as trusted experts in their locale and industry. They now have language and visuals that communicate their authentic value to potential clients.


A Fresh Logo And Sophisticated new image

We updated the logo and imagery to create a high end distinction, giving attention to the high quality of their work, without loosing the integrity of what they had already established in terms of a recognized brand.



As we were evolving their established brand story, a big piece of that was all aspects of a full new website. Their site showcases Krepstakies’ most prominent work, distilling the images into two categories, custom renovations and custom homes, in a series of beautiful galleries that speak volumes.

The original website as we mentioned was from another decade and did not reflect to potential clients any aspect of their longstanding history as a business and the strength of their extreme dedication to excellence in their work. We reorganized, wrote new copy and photographed some of their best work to date, and created a structure and smooth flow between all of their work.

Krepstakies website 3




The only way forward was to look at a big update so we wouldn’t loose potential clients that were confused about the quality we offer. Working with Natalie gave us the direction we needed. We didn’t know where to start in creating a brand that really demonstrates who we are. We are now proud to direct clients to our website because it highlights the excellence we strive for in all areas of our work.
— Robert Krepstakies, Owner
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What started as a website project, became part of a larger brand strategy. Creating a distinct story of excellence and a style dedicated to a discerning eye, we built a cohesive brand based on true values. Krepstakies is now positioned to delight their high-end audience, as they are trusted experts in their locale and industry. They now have the language and visuals that communicate in an authentic way, showing potential clients why they should put their trust in them to build the home of their dreams.